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The latest on farm finance

Economics for dummies

Here’s where I give my semi-regular plug for the excellent Radio National podcast about economics, ‘The Money’. Have a flick through the recent options for some fascinating information.

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Environmental services

Oscar was the guest on a Mecardo podcast recently talking about landholder environmental services and rewarding farmers for such. He makes some interesting comments.

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How good is cricket in winter?

If you’ve got some car travel to do, check out this podcast about the 1999 Cricket world Cup.

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Somehow Related

Check out this great podcast from comedians Glenn Robbins and Dave O’Neill.

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The media

Great ABC Conversations interview with former ABC Managing Director. He’s now in the education sector and has some interesting observations on how our new media platforms are affecting us.

Renewable energy sector and how the opportunities apply to agriculture with expert Phil Link

Rabo land price podcast

Rabobank continues to put out interesting podcasts. Here’s a good one on land price drivers.

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One of Australian ag’s best

Agtech guru Sarah Nolet tells it how it is about the agtech hype. She’s got a beaut podcast out with some interesting people. Check out her latest here.

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So much happening

The best rural podcast ever has arrived, courtesy of satirical genius Ash Walmsley. Welcome to Countryline.

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Talking economics and sustainability with Leigh Vial

Alternative farm finance via commodity streaming


Rural issues yarn with Colin Bettles

Interview with NSW Liberal upper house member Dr Peter Phelps

Interesting chats with Nuffield guys from Lockhart

Stuff you should know

There’s a cracking podcast out there called “Stuff you should know”. Two guys from Atlanta, GA have an interesting, research-based discussion about wide ranging topics such as how Ponzi schemes work, whether brain size is related to intelligence, and nepotism. It’s awesome.

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Talking agtech adoption with Matt Kelly from Precision Agriculture

Farm transition podcast with Toby Locke from Future Farmers’ Network

Agricultural policy and advocacy podcast with NFF CEO Tony Mahar

Farm business tax and accounting podcast with Rob Fry

Farm finance podcast with Kristian Bonetti

Confinement feeding

Jason Haines at QPL Rural is doing a cracking job with relevant podcast content. Here’s the latest one with Geoff Minchin from LLS, talking about managing feed for livestock during dry winter conditions.

Social class in Australia 

ABC Radio National continues to deliver fantastic podcasts. This is the first in a series on social class in Australia.

Peak avocado

How did the humble avocado manage to become a metaphor for intergenerational social trends? It’s an agricultural marketing wet dream. Unlike plain cigarette packaging being described as ‘olive’, which is unhelpful to that industry. Anyhow, here’s a great podcast on the avocado.

PS Attention SunRice: the inventor of smashed avocado on toast thinks rice for breakfast will be a big thing!

Perception is everything

Here’s a fascinating Ted talks on how perception and reality blend in the way we make decisions, and how we feel about the world around us.  

Rabo podcast

Rabobank is keeping their content going, which is great. Their podcast on the domestic lamb market is here.

Podcasts galore

The new Farm Table website is up and running with a whole host of agriculture-related podcasts to enjoy.

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Bushtech podcast

This podcast series breaking down the myths and realities about new agricultural technologies is worth getting into.

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Medical marijuana

Here’s a great podcast for those contemplating growing medical marijuana as a farming enterprise. It doesn’t deal with all the current regulatory settings, but looks at the scientific evidence for its medical benefits, which will ultimately drive commercial opportunities in this industry.

Fact checking

Don’t be put off by the presenter, this is interesting stuff about why people don’t change their views in the face of facts. You can listen or watch.

Boredom is good for us

Here’s an interesting podcast on why boredom, that thing that used to happen to us before smartphones, is good for us.

Evolution and us

Thanks to Rod Luke at Kilter for this cracker about how humans are changing our evolutionary process.

What money means to us

Don’t miss this one – it’s the best yet. Here’s a podcast about our personal relationship with money. There’s some ABC fluff at the start, but the stories that follow are great.

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The Robots aren’t taking over

Here’s a short podcast with a cautionary note about the capacity for robots to do our jobs. It’s called ‘Robots are really bad at folding towels’. The implications for farming are real. Do yourself a favour and listen here.

Pigweed drama in rural America

Check out this fascinating podcast telling the story a weed control dispute in the US Midwest that ultimately led to murder.

Rabobank podcasts

Rabobank are putting out regular podcasts on everything from dairy to beef to cotton and kudos to them for that. Check out their recent selection here.

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Texan podcast

Chris Doherty from Blighty is a podcast enthusiast and has recommended a great podcast series called Future of Agriculture.

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Water podcast

Recently I did a podcast for H2OX on current water market dynamics. It was done over a couple of beers at Wagga Beach, and covers a range of topical water market issues. Some of the temporary prices referred have dated in the couple of weeks since, but there is a lot of good information presented in a conversational format.

Tin foil hat time

We all know a conspiracy theorist on Facebook, talking about 9/11 being staged, or the four US businessmen who control everything. Here’s an interesting podcast looking at the psychology of conspiracy theories.

The next stage of globalisation

ABC Radio National’s ‘The Money’ podcast just keeps delivering. Check out this one looking at trends in globalisation and what they mean for Australia.

Farmers talking climate

The Australian climate has always been variable, but is it getting worse? Here’s a podcast about changing attitudes in Australian agriculture.

Who will have a job in the age of robots?

There’s a lot of talk about how the employment landscape will change in the next twenty years, as robotic technology adapts to many of the tasks currently done by humans. Technology has always enabled jobs growth in the past, but will this time be different? Here’s an interesting Ted Talks on the subject.

GRDC podcasts

There is a menu of informative GRDC podcasts available through their Driving Agronomy Podcasts page. Have a scroll through and check out the ones that are most relevant.

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Blockchain is coming

Have you heard of blockchain? It’s supposed to be the next big thing since the internet, but there is scepticism. Check out ABC Radio National’s ‘The Money’ podcast ‘Blockchain myth and reality’.

Cricket is back

The cricket is on, so it’s a cricket podcast. Unfortunately all the Australian ones are rubbish, so here’s a Pommy one that’s pretty good. They even give the Kat v Clarke thing a run in their latest.

What is success and what is failure?

Here’s a brief and interesting podcast on how to be gentler with ourselves about these issues in a haphazard, random world, and the vagaries of agriculture are no better example.


Australian aborigines and agriculture

Here is an interesting podcast of Richard Fidler’s conversation with Bruce Pascoe about how, despite common belief, Australian aborigines engaged in agricultural practices.

How finance and economics work

For an interesting and easy to understand look at how finance and economics work, jump into ABC Radio Nationals’ ‘The Money’ podcasts by clicking the button below. There’s an interesting podcast on the economics of dairy worth checking out, and I can highly recommend the instalment on how interest rates are set, which challenged what I thought I knew about this issue.

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