Progressive Agriculture was founded by Andrew Bomm in August 2016 and is based in Wagga Wagga, NSW. It’s an agricultural consultancy seeking to deliver positive results for agribusiness by collaborating with other progressive, innovative and entrepreneurial thinkers in agriculture. Progressive Agriculture brings important generalist capabilities to complement the specialist skills and knowledge of our clients. Neither can succeed without the other.

Andrew’s professional experience includes six years as a grower representative within the Australian rice industry, firstly as Policy Manager and then Executive Director of the Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia. This involved developing and implementing political representation strategies, communicating complex policy and regulatory issues to growers, media engagement, and co-ordinating industry research, development and extension services. Water resource policy was a major focus during this time, with significant government reform and water market evolution occurring during these years. Andrew was also central to the establishment of industry funded extension services for growers.

Prior to that Andrew spent seven years in the Commonwealth Parliament as a policy researcher with various Senate committees. Areas of policy research included agriculture, corporate governance and financial services. The role required an understanding of complex public policy issues and an ability to negotiate consensus policy positions across multiple party lines.

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